The Pendennis Hotel

A historic past

Positioned next to the Brighton Block, The Pendennis Hotel was built in the early 1910’s. Since it’s construction it has been known for its high quality materials and superior design in the construction of its main façade.

The original building’s architecture is a prominent example of an Edwardian-era structure. Featuring a combination of ground floor commercial and upper level residential functions, or in the modern-day version, misxed-use space. 

“We hope to restore and preserve the beautiful architecture of this building while creating opportunities for small businesses and organizations that are organic to Edmonton’s downtown, for those who live, shop and work in the area.”

Lorraine Bodnarek – Principal, Pendennis Developments

The Pendennis Hotel is significant for its association with the early development of Edmonton’s civic core and the Boyle community, one of Edmonton’s older settled neighbourhoods. It is one of a collection of surviving, important Jasper Avenue buildings associated with Edmonton’s early social and commercial life. It was converted to apartments in the 1920s after prohibition laws came into effect.

  • Base Building Complete
  • Investment Level
  • Space
    From 1,000 sqft to 4,000 sqft
  • Location
    Edmonton, Alberta
  • Developer
    LEDR Developments