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Restoring the Past, Inspiring the Future: The Renovations

The Pendennis Building has been designated a Municipal Historic Resource. Seeing the full potential for a magnificent redesign, LEDR Developments has invested in construction and repairs and has worked to preserve the characteristics of the historic building, while ensuring it operates and functions optimally for business and events. 

The result today is a stunning 33,000 square-foot rebuild featuring three stories that open into the main floor, surrounded by the original 1912 brick. It is topped off by a 2000 square-foot balcony and a fourth floor patio that overlooks the entire river valley. This allows beautiful light to stream in through the gallery and into each floor. 

It features a restored and updated red-pressed-brick façade with cast stone pilasters. LEDR has spent $13.7 million to complete the shell of the building to allow future tenants to custom design the interior to create their own dream workspace.

“This project has been a labour of love. We hope to restore and preserve the beautiful architecture of this building while creating opportunities for businesses, organizations and events that are organic to Edmonton’s downtown, and for all those who live, shop and work in the area.”

Lorraine Bodnarek – Principal, Pendennis Developments