• Modern Elegance

    A World-Class Building In Downtown Edmonton

    The recently completed (base building) Pendennis Building offers stunning vaulted ceilings, an incredible rooftop patio overlooking Edmonton’s river valley, arguably the best view in the city, and a unique opportunity for mixed-use-space.

Restoring the past. Inspiring the future.







This unique and perfectly restored historical building, originally built in 1911, boasts an original red-pressed brick facade and stunning vaulted ceilings. Next Architecture’s design for the redevelopment of the old Pendennis Hotel won an Edmonton Urban Design Award in 2009.

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Within Walking Distance

Located on the east-end of Jasper Avenue in Edmonton’s vibrant downtown, the Pendennis Building is surrounded by restaurants, bars, bakeries, coffee shops and more. This desirable riverside location offers excellent access to the Edmonton Transit System (ETS) and nearby LRT (commuter-train) stations, you’ll fall in love with this central location.